Thursday, 22 May 2014


Second year of uni, is officially done! Multiple assignments, 3 exams and days and days worth of stress is finally over! Really looking forward to summer now, even if I haven't got much planned other then Leeds Fest. Think i'm going to start blogging more over summer, even if its just once a week, so where it takes me, better then wasting my life on sims 3 etc. So much has happened over the past 5 month its crazy, the highlights being seeing Miley Cyrus in Leeds and making a whole new friendship group at uni, and spending a whole lot more time through at Newcastle. So yeah, quick little update into where i've been. Done massive amounts of shopping in boots and other high street clothing stores, so might blog abit about that to.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What I've been up to;

-back to uni-daytrip to leeds-mams graduation-holiday to florida-Walt Disney world-

January Blues;

The fact that I haven't blogged since October frightens me. The past few months have been such a worldwind, with good back to university, christmas coming and going and then starting to look at my dissertation, and I suppose my blog has gone on the back burner. I want to change direction that I'm going with this blog, starting with my content. I want to start blogging my favourite beauty and fashion bits and to also continue with environmental news. I'm going to TRY to blog as often as possible, but we both know I'm not good with goals and reaching them, oops. But I'll try. 


Friday, 25 October 2013

The Ugly Truth of Fracking

So, in the news recently you might of seen a lot about fracking. Fracking is a process in which natural gas is obtained. Fracking is the drilling and injecting of fluid into the ground at very high pressures in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas which is then used as energy. Currently this process is occurring in the US. The current debate is whether or not this process should be used elsewhere in the world, including the UK. This blog post would be utterly biased if I just listed the negatives so both sides of the argument will be looked at. So what are the benefits of fracking? Well, studies show that Carbon Dioxide emissions in the US are the lowest they have been since 1992, while the growth of the economy is up 60%. Energy consumption in the US has also increased by 14%. The other obvious benefit is that jobs are created, however these jobs are highly skilled and need a lot of training, so the average person who lives beside a fracking site will not benefit. This is all well and good, as the energy companies are benefiting, but the gas prices are still increasing, so home owners are not seeing the benefit. So the negatives? Each well (where the fracking takes place) needs 400 tanker trucks to carry both supplies and water to and from the site. It also takes between 1-8 million gallons of water per site, I do understand that there is a huge range here. 600 different chemicals are needed, these include both toxins and carcinogens (chemicals linked to cancer) Fracking needs 40,000 gallons of these chemicals per site. The chemicals that are present underground are leached out into groundwater causing contamination. It has been seen that Methane is 17x higher in wells that are located beside fracking sites. 1000 cases of water contamination have been reported, some causing neurological, respiratory and sensory damage. In the final process only 30-50% of fracturing fluid is retrieved from underground, the rest is left to evaporate, however VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) are released into the atmosphere as the fluid evaporates causing acid rain and contaminated air.

This argument is well debated and well looked into, the technology is there to start fracking in the UK, but human health and safety should come before the pockets of the energy companies, right? We'll soon see.
Below leave your comments and views on fracking or any other environmental topics you want to discuss. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I am well and truly useless at this whole blogging malarkey. However, I do want to kick start this blog again in time for starting back at university. I changed my course from Geography and Environmental Management to just Environmental Management as I feel that's where my interest mainly lies. I've had such a busy but amazing summer, I spent two weeks in the orange state of Florida, in which i visited the Disney and Universal parks, ate my weight in food and generally had the best time. I'm going to try and blog after i buy new beauty pieces, emphasis on the word try. I've been buying so much stuff recently, and I really wanna share my views with you, as I love reading product reviews myself! So until then, thanks for sticking with me, ciaoooo. :)

Sunday, 26 May 2013


so now that I'm done with uni I will have a lot more time to blog and keep you up to date :) for the past week I've been in the Lake District, doing lots of fieldwork and generally having a lot of fun. tomorrow I'm off to London to visit Harry Potter studios and to do a cheeky bit of shopping, ill be sure to take lots of photos :) I have lots planned for this blog, and now I have as much time as I need to work on it :) 
my best friend and I in the lakes. 
radioactive beach 

Monday, 25 March 2013

testing free products 1: LUSH.

Over the next few weeks I will be doing a series of posts about products that are free from animal testing. My first post will be on some products I purchased from Lush. LUSH is a company that specializes in products that have not been tested on animals, and only contain fresh and organic ingredients. After a recent trip to the Gateshead branch I picked up a few new products, that the world needs to know about!

Celestial Moisturizer;
As a sufferer of both incredibly dry skin and also eczema I have been on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer for so long, until I found this. I have literally tried tens and tens of different moisturizers  spanning from cheap drug store brands up to more expensive brands. This product is £11.75 for a 45g tub, which when I first purchased it thought was pricey. However this product lasts ages! I use it as a night cream and also as a base for under my make up and for whenever my face is surfer ring from dryness. In the winter I suffer from dry patches all over my face, however with the help of this product they are gone over night. This product contains vanilla water, almond oil, cocoa butter and fresh dove orchid extract, giving a soothing and highly moisturizing effect to sensitive dry skin. This is my overall favorite moisturizer and it has seriously transformed my dry skin into looking and feeling both soft and hydrated.

Popcorn Lip Scrub;
In all honesty I have never used or thought about using a lip scrub, however before my shopping trip a friend really recommended I try the lip scrubs from LUSH, so when I was scouting round the store I came across the popcorn scrub and gave it a try. It tastes delicious, exactly like popcorn! The ingredients are mixed together to exfoliate and remove the dead skin leaving them smooth and moisturized  This product was £5,25 for 25g, a pot small enough to chuck in your bag, ready to use wherever. This product can be used on the go with it being edible, once applied it can just be eaten off, perfect!

Helping Hands, Hand Cream;
After spending so much money on hand creams and after dozens if prescription hand creams I bought this. This product was £7.15 for a tub of 100g. As the photos show I have only used a small portion of this hand cream, however it is so hydrating and it soaks in without leaving that greasy residue most hand creams leave behind. I suffer from redness in my hands and incredible dry skin and this product manages to take away the redness and also hydrates them. The product contains chamomile, almond oil and cocoa butter giving it the most amazing smell. The ingredients in this product prevent cracking and is also perfect for people who are always washing their hands. This product smells gorgeous and is so rich and moisturizing!

Oatifix Face Mask;
I have never been one to use face masks, but when I was approached by a lovely employee and was told about this product I couldn't resist it, and I'm so glad I didn't. The product was £5.95 for 75g. The face mask contains oats, organic bananas, vanilla pods, ground almonds (gentle exfoliator), kaolin (cleanser) and illipe butter. The product as a whole is really moisturizing  after washing the mask off, my face felt fresh and clean the almonds gently exfoliate while the illipe button takes out any redness and soothes the face. My skin is very dry, however this product left behind a glowing and hydrated look. Wen I first purchased the product I assumed I would only get one or two uses out of it, however I'm onto my 4th use and I still have plenty left. I would seriously recommend this product to anyone who has dry or dry to combination skin as its the perfect revival for your skin.

So there you have it, my review on some of my purchases from LUSH. What are your favorite LUSH products?